Why your PR comments are never wasted at Carnsight


5th July 2022


Jessica Morgan

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3 minutes

We’ve said before that PR isn’t something that can run in the background without involvement or input from you or your team. So, if we work with you, we will be asking for your input – sometimes it’s comments for a quick-turnaround for a press deadline; sometimes for longer-form interviews or thought pieces. Occasionally these comments don’t get featured in the final piece, for a range of reasons. But they’re never wasted at Carnsight. Read on for more information about how we maximise anything you contribute through our client commentary compilations.

What are commentary compilations?

We keep every comment our clients have given us on a range of topics, but rather than using our inboxes as files, we use Trello. This ensures that whichever team member you give comments to, they’re captured, by subject area.

What comments do we use?

Meeting notes, responses to feature requests, previous interviews – there’s a lot of content that we can use, even from our every day discussions. That’s why you’ll often see us scribbling during meetings! For more on the PR process at Carnsight, see our blog on the things every small business should know about PR.

How do we use the comments?

Mostly these are comments first written in response to a certain feature, but sometimes they’re around a theme or a new launch, or even a quote in a press release.

We use them for a number of reasons and in a number of ways:

  1. To save you time – you’ve put thought and energy into creating these comments and we want to maximise them. We can often use the same comments slightly editing to respond to journalists without having to come to you each time. This will also avoid you feeling like you’re repeating yourself by commenting in the future.
  2. To inspire features or thought pieces – sometimes a particular point of view will spark an idea for a wider piece, or a comment made six months ago works with the current news agenda. In which case, we’ll refer back. We check the compilations frequently as a team.
  3. To get to know you better – our clients comment on a wide range of issues that could be industry-specific or general – such as comments on the workplace or recruitment. Your comments help us to understand who we should approach in future on similar pieces.

What if I don’t have time to comment?

If commenting doesn’t come easily, or you never seem to find the time, don’t worry. We have a range of techniques for busy business owners including taking notes over a 15 minute phone call, working from a brain dump or bullet points or pulling content from existing presentations, blogs or social media post.

We’ve worked with over 50 different founder-run businesses over the last six years and we are a small business ourselves, so we know the challenges involved and how to overcome them.

There’s more on where to start with content for PR in our blog.