Two minutes with: Ruby Hand


29th August 2023


Alexandra Johansen

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This week we’ve prepared another instalment of an old favourite of ours – the ‘two minutes with’ series! This rapid-fire questionnaire features our recent work experience placement, Ruby Hand. In July, Ruby spent a week with the team getting a hands on education of what it’s like to work in PR. As she prepares to head into her A-Levels next year, Ruby is narrowing down her thoughts about the future; from Psychology to PR and Comms, she’s exploring all the world has to offer. Without further ado, here’s two minutes with Ruby Hand.

Name: Ruby Hand

Job title: Work experience placement

Joined Carnsight: 10th July, 2023

Why PR? I enjoy working with a variety of people and I wanted to explore a career path I wasn’t familiar with.

Preferred social media channel? Pinterest 

How do you have your coffee in the morning? I’m not a coffee drinker sorry.

Dream job as a child? Singer – Even though my voice was not great.

Sum yourself up in three words: Sociable, Optimistic, bubbly

What’s your star sign/ Meyers Briggs type? Cancer,  ENFP

Where did you grow up? Where were you born? I was born in London and then moved to Marshfield when I was five and i’ve been here ever since.

Favourite book to date? Normal People by Sally Rooney

Favourite Movie? The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Favourite dog breed?: Golden Retriever

Do you have any pets?: Yes, two Golden Retrievers, Dotty and Nala.

Favourite word?: Tranquility

Least favourite word?: Rhythm 

Ideal music playlist: Kali Uchis, Kendrick Lamar, Tyler The Creator

Dream Holiday Destination: Anywhere in Italy 

Any role models? My GCSE English teacher (he was always so happy).

Something about you we would never be able to guess: I take kickboxing classes.

Name 3 things that make you happy: Mornings, Any exercise, Feeling productive.

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