125,000 coverage views: Creating a buzz around electric vehicles

26 articles in three countries
53.4 million readership
125,000 coverage views

Not only did Carnsight’s advice on the strategy prove valuable, but the results since have shown that their advice is based on true expertise and knowledge of what generates genuine buzz. I have no hesitation in recommending Carnsight.


In a nutshell

Online advertising specialist Encore Digital Media wanted to grow its client base in the automotive industry and asked us to help.

We worked closely with Encore and its market researchers Savanta to help shape a piece of original research into drivers’ concerns and interests in a newsworthy subject: electric vehicle technology. We then crafted the findings to engage relevant automotive audiences in the UK and Europe, and showcase Encore as the industry insight brand.

What we did

PR was integral to the entire marketing strategy. Involved from the beginning, we:

  • Devised questions to help generate newsworthy research
  • Identified compelling story hooks in the findings
  • Created a stand-out, research-based press release
  • Researched and established contacts with relevant media outlets and publications
  • Ensured Encore was part of live EV discussions in social media by engaging actively in those chats
  • Encouraged social media likes and sharing
  • Generated further coverage through content syndication

We targeted niche and green-energy media outlets so that we could reach our target market directly; engaging them with content we knew would be relevant and have commercial value.

Once the release had been picked up by our target publishers, we persuaded other outlets to syndicate the content too and encouraged sharing on social media to consolidate the perception of Encore as a trustworthy and knowledgeable insight brand

The results

Our results came quickly! In the three weeks from pitching the press release to following up with journalists, we reached out to a massive readership of 53.4 million and achieved:

  • 125,000 views of the coverage we generated
  • Coverage in the UK, France and Ukraine
  • An average domain authority of 50
  • 454 social media shares
  • 26 pieces of coverage

Some of the press and online outlets we featured in: Business Telegraph, Yahoo News, motor1.com, Automotive IT, electrive.com, CleanTechnica and CarsRadars.