18 pieces of press coverage for a first-time author: launching an eBook

The team at Carnsight Communications are AMAZING! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jess and Leigh-Ann and have felt 100% supported through-out the time they’ve provided their PR services. My eBook launch went very smoothly and they helped to raise a huge amount of interest through various media networks. I’d highly recommend these professional and reliable experts.

Katie Redfern, Founder of Meaningful Recruitment


18 pieces of coverage
14.8 million online readership
105k coverage views


Katie Redfern is the founder of Meaningful Recruitment. She’s a highly experienced career adviser, recruitment consultant, professional coach and CV Writer. 
With over 20 years of experience in these fields she has helped many clients transition to a happier place in their work life using her wealth of knowledge including her professional coaching qualifications and degree in Social Psychology. Katie reached out to us at Carnsight to help launch her debut eBook ‘Working Meaningfully – Your fast-track guide to a career that lights you up’. 

The aim was to reach as many readers as possible and achieve coverage across a range of publications, with a focus on reaching people feeling lost in their career’s post-pandemic. 


Firstly, we advised on timing – January, the month of new beginnings, was the time to launch this kind of publication. We created a compelling press release through which we secured coverage in a range of local and business publications. We tied the launch of Katie’s ‘self-help’ style book to the themes common following the celebration of New Year and amplified the ‘new year, new you’ message. We secured a wide range of coverage from Sage Advice and Brands Journal to South East Business

We also created shorter, repurposed snippets of content based on Katie’s book and secured her features as an author which raised the profile of the book itself. We secured a ‘sneak peek’ of the book’s content in Business Age.

We were also able to place comments in features in wider pieces based on the themes present in Katie’s book. For example, in a piece for Sage Advice,  Katie offered her thoughts on the future of work as we kicked off 2022.

We sent out Advanced Reader Copies of the book to online reviewers and were able to use these reviews to support our SEO efforts and create buzz around the book. Book reviews were featured in a variety of publications including Into View Magazine and Working Dads.


In one month:

  • 18 pieces of coverage
  • 105k estimated coverage views
  • 14 social shares
  • An average domain authority of 43
  • 4 direct links 
  • Book sales worldwide