Public Relations

An award-winning PR and communications consultancy, we create practical, powerful PR that delivers tangible results. Through carefully crafted and managed content, we get companies and individuals known – for their skills, products, and expertise.

Public Relations


We have 20 years’ experience pitching ideas, securing national press and specialist coverage, and take pride in our range of media contacts and relationships. We also know exactly how and when to reach new audiences. We develop and execute PR strategies, which include:

  • Developing press materials 
  • Planning and creating content 
  • Liaising with journalists 
  • Writing and editing commentary
  • Devising and pitching feature ideas 
  • Creating newsworthy events 
  • Producing case studies
  • Securing speaker opportunities 
The team at Carnsight Communications are smart, supportive and super hard working.
Phil Blackmore
Creative Director, Create Health

Media Relations


As editorial teams are constantly changing and with fewer staff writers, we pride ourselves on being able to identify, reach and deliver for the right journalists for each campaign – even if it’s in a new sector. 

We work with a range of journalists and publications daily and have access to extensive media databases, meaning we can produce press lists for approval quickly and reach out with relevant, timely pitches. 

We share lots of PR tips and tricks via our blog...

Why your PR comments are never wasted at Carnsight

We’ve said before that PR isn’t something that can run in the background without involvement or input from you or your team. So, if we work with you, we will be asking for your input – sometimes it’s comments for a quick-turnaround for a press deadline; sometimes for longer-form interviews or thought pieces. Occasionally these comments don’t get featured in the final piece, for a range of reasons. But they’re never wasted at Carnsight. Read on for more information about how we maximise anything you contribute through our client commentary compilations.

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