Social Media

Social media has an important place in our PR toolkit. We manage and advise on accounts and campaigns to keep messaging consistent, relevant and front-of-mind. 

Your social media channels should act as an extension of your brand; and tailoring your content for each platform will ensure you make the biggest impact, consistently.

Using our in-depth understanding of your business, tone of voice and the audience you’re targeting on each channel, we can advise on or actively manage your social media accounts. Social media works hand-in-hand with PR and we’ll ensure you’re maximising each piece of coverage.
In six months they've transformed the social media, not only gaining new followers but massively increasing engagement and click thoughs to the website.
Natalie Sharp
Sharp Thinking Marketing

Focussing on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, we ensure critical messages and spokespeople are represented and amplified in the right ways. 

We create social media content that ensures you’ll always be part of important industry conversations. And we can help to start those conversations, too.