Five things to avoid when writing awards entries

Awards can provide a great boost to a business’s reputation and can often lead to new opportunities and increased success. Writing an awards entry is an important part of the process, but often, winning an award comes down not just to the quality of the work but the way in which you present it. That’s where we come

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Google My Business: Why it Matters

Google My Business is a free platform offered by Google to help businesses manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. As a business owner, you likely have already claimed your Google My Business profile when you confirmed your business location with Google (more info here if not), but did you know that

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Should your business invest in social media?

There are countless benefits to having a strong social media presence. In 2021, 55% of consumers learned about new brands through a business’s social accounts (SproutSocial, 2021). In today’s blog, I am going to share six reasons why it’s important for businesses to invest in a strong strategy. From reaching a wider audience to keeping

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Can clients and agencies ever really work as “partners”?  

This question came out of a really interesting podcast with Tom Lewis – Agency ownership models are everything. It’s primarily about the advertising agency model and how Tom sees it in a state of decline. My career started in adland before I moved into PR, and when I worked with Tom he was CFO and I was in client services. Ad agencies are set up slightly differently to PR agencies or consultancies, but there are similarities. We’re both service businesses and the relationships we have with clients are much the same. And one question arose (amongst many interesting areas) – can agencies ever truly work in “partnership” with a client?

Press Releases – when is the best time to pitch?

We’ve shared many tips on crafting the perfect press releases here at Carnsight Communications and even what to avoid when pitching to journalists. What we haven’t done so much is provide detail on when is the best time to pitch your news. In this blog, we take a look at the most effective days and

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Which different PR techniques and strategies can you use?

Here at Carnsight Communications, we use different PR techniques depending on the need for your business at that specific time and what will best meet your objectives. There are a number of different approaches we can draw on. Why do we use different strategies? Different challenges require different PR strategies. Mostly, it’s good to use

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