The Carnsight story

How Carnsight Communications began, where our name came from and some thank yous.

The Carnsight Communications story

Our name comes from Cornwall, where founder Jessica grew up. “Carn” means hill, and is inspired by the view of Carn Brea which dominates Jess’ native north Cornish landscape. Our logo is based on the piles of stones which are scattered around Carn Brea.

Jess has worked in communications for almost 20 years, having started in advertising before moving into PR. After 15 years in London, her family packed up and moved to the Bath area, where Carnsight was born in 2016. She started to grow the team, establishing a flexible working model from the beginning. This enables us to pursue other passions alongside work.

Carnsight Communications logo stones

What Carnsight Communications promises

We promise practical, powerful PR. That means we deliver against your objectives. We’re well-connected but, in a world where there are more and more freelance journalists each year, we also know how to find and reach new audiences.

We take a creative approach, meaning we never use a one-size-fits all approach, and we often work with clients who are newer to PR. So, we’re happy to guide you through the journey. 

Thank yous

Thank you to talented designer, Kerry Bathfield, for our excellent Cornish-inspired logo, and to Chris Jefferys, Jessica’s brother-in-law and an excellent creative director, for suggesting the name and the vision it implied, in the first place.