A social media audit can provide your business with eye-opening information that can help boost your business metrics.

What will Carnsight do?

  • Review your social media channels to measure your brands performance on each channel.
  • Discover what channel will work best for your business based on your audience demographic.
  • Review and grade the tone of voice and branding used throughout all social media channels.
  • SWOT analysis – Identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats on each of your channels to assess future growth and pinpoint gaps and missed opportunities.
  • Extensive research of competitors and provide an analysis of their data for comparison.
  • Come up with tailored objectives for your business to follow and provide you with a deeper understanding of your social media strategy to help you proactively work towards your business goals.

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“ Well connected, driven and smart enough to challenge in a supportive way Carnsight have quickly become a valued part of our ecosystem. ”
Ian Bates
Ian Bates
Founder and Creative Partner, Firehaus

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