Must-Have Skills for PR


10th September 2020


Leigh-Ann Hewer

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4 minutes

As PRs, we often required to wear many different hats. The job has a number of different requirements and there are a fair amount of skills that are absolutely necessary to be a successful PR.

In today’s post, we’re going to share the must-have skills for anyone wanting to succeed in the world of PR. These skills are vital in completing the everyday tasks required within the role and are a large component in a PR’s ability to deliver excellent results to the client.

  • Written Communication – A huge part of PR is writing. You will frequently write press releases, social media and well-written emails. Not to mention writing up client comments and thought-leadership articles. It’s vital to have excellent written communication skills and help your client articulate thoughts in a structured and comprehensive way.
  • Verbal Communication – Similar to above, this is one of the top key skills needed to be a PR. You must be able to articulate ideas well and quickly get your point across. You spend a huge amount of time talking to clients and journalists alike; being able to express yourself verbally is extremely important. This can be over the phone or in-person and so honing this skill is incredibly valuable.
  • People Skills – If you want to be a PR I would argue you really have to be a people person. You have to love working with people and know how to build business relationships through trust and mutual respect. Additionally have to have a good understanding of how to read people and you must be approachable and friendly if you want to build the connections necessary for the job.
  • Organisational Skills – This is the case in pretty much any job role but is especially relevant in the fast-paced and deadline heavy industry of media and PR. You need to be able to meet tight deadlines, balance numerous projects and prioritise well. If you lack organisational skills you’re going to find yourself overwhelmed very quickly by the news cycle and the requirements of you as a PR.
  • Problem Solving – Things go wrong. Or perhaps rather, things don’t always go to plan. You must have the ability to problem-solve and work around obstacles in your way. It also really helps if you can think on your feet. PR’s get better at this with experience as they learn how to deal with the difficult situations that may arise. Even still, if you have a good problem-solving head on you going in, it can be a massive help.
  • Research Skills – Being a PR means becoming a temporary expert on a wide and eclectic range of topics. Particularly if your agency works with companies in a range of industries. Carnsight does and it’s one of my favourite parts of the job. Every day is different and I get to spend my time learning new things. Being able to do some digging to find what you need is a great skill to have in PR.
  • Resilience – Some see this as a quality, which to a degree is true, but I definitely think this is also a skill to develop. PR can be difficult sometimes and you will face rejection both from journalists and prospective clients alike. It’s important you’re able to bounce back quickly from rejection and keep trying even when things become more difficult. You have to be resilient not only for your client but also for yourself. For the sake of maintaining a good work ethic and love for what you do.

Take a look at our post detailing a day in the life of a PR and find out more about the skills and knowledge required.

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