Two minutes with: Erris de Stacpoole


17th September 2020


Leigh-Ann Hewer

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3 minutes

In our ‘two minutes with’ blog posts, you can get to know the members of the Carnsight Communications PR team even better. In today’s post, we’re getting to know Erris de Stacpoole, one of the absolutely fantastic freelancers that we work with.

At Carnsight, we team up with trusted freelancers like the Erris when we need to scale up for a bigger project, or when we think their specialisms will add a lot to the mix. Erris is a highly experienced and creative PR professional, a joy to work with and loves a pun. Erris will be answering our quickfire ‘two minutes with’ questions. She’s been invaluable to us over the lockdown period, has delivered on a range of campaigns and so please make sure you give Erris lots of love over on our Instagram as well.

Name: Erris de Stacpoole  

Job title: PR & Communications specialist.

Joined Carnsight: Spiritually I joined Carnsight six years ago (realistically in June 2020).

Why PR?: Because it’s limitless and hugely creative. It’s always different and you constantly need to use your brain to solve problems. 

Preferred social media channel? Twitter for news, Instagram for everything else .

How do you have your coffee in the morning?: Black coffee, absolutely no milk.

Dream job as a child?: Time traveller.

Sum yourself up in three words: Enthusiastic, Creative, Ambitious.

What’s your star sign/ Myers Briggs type?: Cancer.

Where did you grow up? Where were you born?: Born in Ireland and grew up in the UK.

Favourite book to date?: I’m currently reading The Gonzo Papers Anthology by Hunter S. Thompson.

Favourite movie?: Difficult question – any film that makes you question your own world or reality.

Favourite dog breed:  Manchester Terrier.

Do you have any pets?: Eugene (unsurprisingly, she is a Manchester Terrier).

Favourite word?: Omnipresent (no idea why?!).

Least favourite word?: Consumption.

Ideal music playlist: Anything classical or motivating.

Dream holiday destination:  Alaska. I’m desperate to see polar bears

Any role models?: Loads. Caitlin Moran, Jess Morgan, Amelia Earhart, Angela Merkel and many more.

Something about you we would never be able to guess: I used to play the musical saw.

Name 3 things that make you happy: Eugene, writing and skiing.

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