New year’s resolutions for freelancers


7th January 2021


Jessica Morgan

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2 minutes

The new year is a time for many to set out their resolutions, giving themselves goals to achieve for the coming year whatever it might hold. Carnsight founder, Jessica Morgan, was pleased to be featured in Katherine Ducie’s article for Caunce O’Hara, business insurance brokers, on new year’s resolutions for freelancers that may be looking to assess their work targets and make 2021 a more successful year.  

Today we’ve summarised some of Katherine’s tips that particularly encouraged us and gave us some great inspiration for the new year ahead. 

  1. Strategy 

Katherine outlines the importance of being strategic with your business approach and provides SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound) as an acronym to help succeed.

She also stresses the importance of thinking about how you will achieve your goals and encourages freelancers to ask the question ‘What tactics will you need to use to achieve your goals?’

  1. Finances 

Katherine offers several resolutions that involve finances and rates for freelancers.  For example to review and update your rates.

Jess adds to this stating, “According to research, women often price themselves too low, so it’s best to push yourself a little. And don’t feel you have to constantly overachieve – you’re worth the money.” 

Katherine also suggests considering:

  • Taking fewer risks – ‘When you’re a self-employed freelancer or contractor, you can’t afford to take risks.’
  • Being stricter on late payments – ‘Late payments are arguably the biggest problem that freelancers face.’
  • Starting to claim on all of your expenses – ‘Are you claiming expenses on everything you’re eligible for?’
  1. Personal goals 

It is also important to make time for personal development as well as outlining goals/resolutions for your business. A few great points mentioned in the article include setting out to be more organised, making time for personal development, and choosing to start moving more. Perhaps most importantly, Katherine touches on reaching out for help. In order to combat the isolation that can come with the territory of being a freelancer, joining groups, getting in touch with others that are in the same boat as you, and being part of a community are great ways to feel connected and also improve your skills. 

You can read Katherine’s original article on Caunce O’Hara, as well as comments from our very own Jessica Morgan.