How to get great photography with PR (even with social distancing measures)


20th July 2021


Georgia Christley

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It may seem obvious but when pitching to a journalist, it really is key to ensure you have a strong story to share with them, along with a solid method for engagement and a stand-out pitching style. What some people may not realise, however, is that powerful photography can really maximise the chances of your story being picked up by a journalist. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

A picture’s ability to evoke an emotional connection is more powerful than we may realise. Journalists are also more likely to publish content if it has a powerful image to accompany the story. 

In this blog, we are exploring in more detail the relationship between PR and photography. We’ll share our top tips on how to maximise your PR opportunities by pairing the perfect content with the perfect shots, even with social distancing and Covid-related restrictions.

Photography: A camera taking shots in natural lighting

What is PR photography? 

PR photography is using the perfect image to team up with your news article, press release, or case study (PR content).  An image can capture your reader’s eyes and prompt curiosity, which amplifies your content. The image needs to support your story and grab the attention of the reader. It should leave the reader asking questions and your image caption should answer them. 

How does a great shot add value to a story?

A powerful photograph can be the difference between a story being featured or not. It can even move a story closer to a ‘front page’ of a publication and make your news story more memorable to the reader. 

We all know the importance of images when posting on social media platforms. Most posts on Facebook or Instagram will be accompanied by an image. Importantly, including an image with social media posts increases traffic and engagement to our content 

Capturing that perfect photograph

There are a few key steps to keep in mind when taking photographs to accompany your PR content.

  1. Choosing the right background to set the scene of your story is a must. The emphasis needs to be on your subject.
  2. Use the correct lighting. The quality and brightness play a key part in capturing the perfect image. Natural daylight is best.
  3. Angle is critical. Make sure you mix up your angles to get different perspectives. Be sure to capture a variety of high-resolution shots in both landscape and portrait mode. 
  4. Capture the story subject in action. 
  5. Ensure to offer a variety of images to the journalist so they have a choice. Even better, offer an exclusive image for them only.
  6. Always keep in mind the value of a great shot and how it should tell a story to the reader.

To get your PR content noticed and covered, make sure you back it up with a powerful image. Don’t underestimate the importance of this. The power behind using the right image is extremely understated.

You can still get a great image, even socially distanced!

Have you been worried that throughout the pandemic photography wouldn’t provide the same results?

Worry no more, we have worked with many photographers throughout this challenging time and have still been able to capture that perfect snap!

Obviously, processes are a little different from the normal but with some adaptations needed such as face masks and distance, you can still very much get that perfect shot.

Take a look at some examples of photographs we have used for our recent releases which have included professional photography from the wonderful Tessa Clements.

Tessa remained socially distant throughout her shoots using the great functionalities of her camera such as the long lens and focusing on the subject from afar.

The proof in these amazing, story-telling shots is all we need to be encouraged that professional photography is still very much able to be done, even under the most challenging of circumstances.

Socially-distanced photography

Tessa Clements is an experienced photographer who has taken some amazing, professional shots for our client, Birchwood House. Her images tell a story and have helped secure some great media coverage for the events held there.

Tessa is a wedding, family and commercial photographer based in Beckenham. She has a real talent for taking natural, beautiful and fun photos whilst telling a story with her images. Photographing people is her passion.

Her shoots are all about being relaxedhaving fun and capturing your natural smiles. Her documentary style and fun approach enable her to catch the natural and emotional images of you in your home, the local park, your workplace or at your wedding.

Kate Southall from Copper and Blossom Photography is another highly recommended photographer based in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Kate was able to produce some absolutely stunning professional headshots of our team here at Carnsight throughout the pandemic.

Kates photography is all about capturing vibrant images which tell your unique story, seeking out those fleeting moments that will provide you with endless happy memories.

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