Five charity challenges for five years of Carnsight – mid-year check-in


17th August 2021


Leigh-Ann Hewer

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We’re over halfway through the year now. Can you believe it?! It’s been a complete whirlwind and it seems to have flown by. Even still, we have not forgotten our promise to take part in five charity challenges this year. In fact, we’re over halfway through and right on track.

Here’s a bit of an update.

Challenge One – British Heart Foundation – Dechox

In the month of March, fellow Account Manager, Georgia and I took part in the charity fundraising challenge ‘Dechox’. We gave up all sweets, treats and sugary goods for the whole month and raised a total of £180 for the wonderful charity British Heart Foundation.

This charity means a great deal to us all at Carnsight but is extremely close to Georgia’s heart as she sadly lost her beloved father to heart disease in 2019 very unexpectedly.

You may have seen our blog post dedicated to this one, but if you missed it, you can find it here.

Challenge Two – Age UK – Befriending

In May, Georgia also volunteered as a telephone friend via AGE UK.

We all know how tough this past year has been on our mental health! Can you imagine how tough it must have been for the older community where isolation and loneliness are already such a huge problem?

Loneliness affects well over a million people aged over 65 in the normal course of events, but it’s increasingly clear that the pandemic has caused many, many more older people to become lonely.

AGE UK passionately believes that “No one should have no one” and this resonated with us so much.

Challenge Three – Target Ovarian Cancer – Jurassic Coast Challenge

If you’d like the juicy details on Jess’s Jurassic Coast Challenge experience then you can read the full blog here.

In June, Jess and her sister Charlotte raised £1,740 for Target Ovarian Cancer. It’s a charity that means a lot to them, as they very sadly lost their wonderful mother to the disease a year ago.

Jurassic Coast Challenge finish 2021

Challenge Four – FMAUK – Writing from the heart

Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMAUK) is a charity very close to my heart. So many people in my life are affected by chronic illness and chronic pain. A family friend of mine, the kind that was essentially family, unfortunately, passed away late last year. She had fibromyalgia and so I wanted to do something for the charity in her honour.

I decided to volunteer, and after discussion with their wonderful chair Des, not only would I become a volunteer content writer, but Carnsight Communications would be helping them out with some PR.

We’re incredibly excited to be working with FMAUK. Keep an eye out for writing from me over on the FMAUK website, and fundraiser coverage shared on our social accounts.

One left to go…

So that’s four challenges done with one left to go before 2021 draws to a close. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed every second of this challenge so far and rest assured, our charity efforts won’t be stopping when this challenge is done.

Let us know what you think our final charity challenge of the five challenges should be. Perhaps we can volunteer again? Or maybe a fundraiser? We’re thinking something Christmassy perhaps?! 🙂