Social Media guide – the importance of commenting, sharing and tagging


31st August 2021


Leigh-Ann Hewer

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3 minutes

Getting PR coverage is great! But if you’re not sharing it then how can you expect others to? To get the most out of your PR coverage, sharing it across social media is essential. Here’s our complete social media guide to commenting, sharing and tagging your PR coverage for you and your colleagues.

Why bother?

  • People buy from people, not businesses – you are the people behind the business
  • Sharing content expresses expertise and builds professional brand – yours as well as the business
  • Sharing this kind of content makes you a subject expert – you’ll learn what’s being said and can also be part of the conversation
  • Despite the fact that only 3% of employees share content, they generate 30% of all content engagement for a typical business
  • It’s easier to join a conversation than start one – sharing is quick and simple
  • Support your colleagues and friends in their writing efforts
  • The more people that engage (particularly within the first few hours), the more people LinkedIn will show the content to
  • LinkedIn is the best social network for lead generation – 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn and it’s thought of as the most credible platform
  • On average, content shared by employees receives 8 x more engagement than content shared on brand channels and is 25 x more likely to be re-shared by their audience


  • Read/scan and react – like or react to the post.
  • Comment on the post – what did you think? You’re creatives and experts. Your opinion matters! Leave a comment engaging with at least one point that was made within the piece
  • Share it with a comment if you like – what did you find interesting about it?

But I don’t know what to say…


  • Picking your favourite line from the piece and quote it when you share. See Carnsight Twitter for examples
  • Better to go further than “nice post…” – a few relevant words work best
  • Personal stories work well, e.g. “This really resonates with me – when I gave blood recently….”

Getting maximum engagement

  • Tagging – invite people to join the conversation by @ them on a relevant post – this could be colleagues, peers or clients
  • Use relevant # when you share posts – you can search these on LinkedIn and they autofill – if in doubt, check out recent posts using the same #
  • If you post yourself, consider including a photo or a video and try and share consistently

Which platforms?

Twitter and LinkedIn are good places to start.

Where is best for me?

  • Twitter – short and sweet. Easy retweet and like buttons. Can share with comment. Great for building relationships.
  • LinkedIn – huge business network. Engage in discussion. Present yourself and the business as an industry expert.
  • Instagram – very visual. Focus on making good use of #

So there you have it, our social media guide to sharing coverage. Still feeling overwhelmed when it comes to business and social media? Check out our post on where to start with your business social media.