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21st September 2021


Georgia Christley

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Here at Carnsight Communications, we pride ourselves on getting our clients’ brilliant work noticed by the right audience at the right time.

As PR professionals, we’re flexible, creative, and proactive but we’re also realistic. We believe honesty plays a key part in what we do and the results we achieve. Ensuring our clients are clear in our approach from very early on in our discussions.

This approach has resulted in some amazing coverage and many happy clients. (We have some fabulous client testimonials to back this up)! Following on from this, we wanted to share with you our timeless PR Top Tips to help get you the results you desire when setting out on your PR journey. There are many factors to consider in getting the best results, read on to find out more.

  1. Know your target audience
  2. Engage with your target audience
  3. Build relationships with journalists.
  4. Use testimonials
  5. Position your brand
  6. Social Media is your friend – use it!


1. Know your target audience!

Ask yourself the question, who is it you are trying to connect with? How would be best to get in front of them? Would it be through social media? Having this key information in mind can help the campaign process run so much smoother, it can also save you a lot of effort in time and money.

Always have this information ready before going ahead any further!

2. Engage with your target audience!

If you stop for a moment and have a think about some of the companies you consider to be successful, what is the one thing they all have in common?

For me personally, a successful company knows how to engage professionally and promptly with its audience. If a customer reaches out to your company – make sure they know they have been listened to! Respond in the appropriate manner whether that be via social media or through emails.

Don’t leave the customer waiting, a good service speaks volumes and reflects on your company more than you may think!

3. Build relationships with your target journalists!

This may seem like an obvious tip to share but it is often so understated, building relationships with your target publications is a must!

When contacting journalists, remember to stand out to them. Have personality and patience and remember to not be generic.

Build on your relationships, get to know the journalist, and show an interest in them as individuals.

Having an established relationship will increase your chances of getting your news covered!

4. Use customer testimonials to your advantage

Doesn’t it feel great when a customer leaves you a glowing review?

Why wouldn’t you want to share this with potential clients? By sharing these testimonials online or via social media channels, you are showcasing your expertise with honest and real feedback.

People connect with real life, take advantage of this and let your customer’s reviews be heard.

5. Position your brand

Before you create content for your client or the media, take a moment to have a think about what makes your company different? What makes you stand out from your competitors? What is it that you are doing that makes you special or unique?

Having this information in mind helps position your company in the market that is right for you and meets the needs of the target audience.

Don’t be afraid to be different! Stand out, and be proud of your brand and its message.

Being confident in what your company offers and what makes it so special will ensure you stand out above competitors.

6. Social media is your friend – use it to your advantage.

Social media opens so many doors of communication!

We are able to reach our target audience immediately in real-time – it’s an instant conversation starter with your clients allowing opinions and comments easily and quickly.

Be smart with your post, be snappy and engaging! Don’t be afraid to have a little personality on social media and remember that graphics play a huge part in catching the eye of your audience. Use a powerful, storytelling shot where possible.

By following the above tips, you will simplify your PR campaign making it a smoother process with the desired results. Your relationships will be based on trust which in turn will open many new doors on your PR journey.

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