PR – a year of learnings


23rd November 2021


Georgia Christley

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4 minutes

Over 12 months ago, I started my career in PR at Carnsight Communications as a PR Account Manager. What a year it has been; I have learnt so much, much more than I ever imagined possible.

Having worked in office management for over 13 years, I had already gained plenty of knowledge in the world of business. However, working in PR has been a hugely insightful professional experience.

The last 12 months have certainly whizzed by. With a pandemic thrown in the mix, it’s been a funny old time for us all. We have all had to learn new skills to adapt to the changes around us.

In this blog, I wanted to share with you what working in PR has taught me, how it has furthered my skillset, and how I have had to adapt to this fast-paced yet highly rewarding role.

Networking is key in the world of PR

PR stands for Public Relations so it’s pretty obvious that building strong relationships with people is a key part of what we do.

To be successful in PR you need to be a strong communicator. Networking is an essential skill for any PR professional’s tool kit.

After all, PR is all about people; meeting new clients or journalists, engaging effectively with them and also learning from them.

Networking with journalists, clients and other business professionals is key to establishing media contacts, building brand awareness with the public and also securing new clients.

Learning never stops

The world of PR is extremely fast-paced which means resilience and adaptability are key.

It is essential to be organised in client management which in turn allows us to plan, manage and understand our clients’ requirements.

With the ever-changing world of social media channels and technology, working in PR requires creativity, great communication methods and a positive, can-do attitude.

I honestly believe that working in PR has taught me so many invaluable practical skills that I will take with me through my career. Personally, I have gained so much professional knowledge in media communications and best ethical practices.

You can never ask too many questions!

When working in PR, it’s important to be curious and allow yourself to ask lots of questions so you understand the product/ business or message you are PR’ing. You can never hold too much information. The more you have, the better prepared you are.

Be a team player

“There is no I in team” and never has this been more relevant. Working in PR is not a solo role. It is essential to be a team player.

Here at Carnsight Communications, we work closely as a team daily.

We believe it’s this approach that sets us apart from other PR consultancies. We genuinely help each other daily, be it through proofreading each other’s work or helping out with pitching to publications.

Being organised is essential

Another ‘must have’ skill for working in PR is being a strong project manager. By learning to effectively project manage, I have been able to prioritise my workload and tasks. I communicate well with my clients and structure ideas whilst preparing for any obstacles that may arise.

Having this skill allows us to see things clearly in every situation.

Ensure a healthy balance

PR can be a high pressured and demanding profession. It’s extremely important to learn to balance and have a disconnect. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the world of deadlines, zoom meetings and pitches otherwise. We do however recognise that it is essential to take time for ourselves.

We are very lucky to work for a flexible company that values a healthy work/life balance. When we are not working, we tend to take time to disconnect from the digital world and enjoy our family and friends whilst doing activities that we enjoy.

Having this time to disconnect enables us to come back into the office with more energy and creativity.

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