Our top 10 most popular blogs on PR and communications


21st December 2021


Leigh-Ann Hewer

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We’re so close to publishing 100 blogs now (whoop!!) and we’d like to think that we’ve provided plenty of good PR advice and guidance in the process. Today we wanted to share which of our blogs have been most popular among our readers. If you haven’t read them already, hopefully you’ll find something interesting within.

1. Why it’s important to build your profile

As a PR agency, we often talk about the importance of building the profile of a business or an individual, but what does that really mean? Here we cover the basics about building a profile – why it’s important, how it helps with day-to-day PR and where to start.

2. PR at Christmas – our five festive tips

Christmas tends to take over the media; shops and advertisements often launching Christmas campaigns before it’s even Halloween. So, with all the Christmas noise, how do you use PR to get your news seen at Christmas? One of our seasonal blogs.

3. What’s our Three Lens Messaging Session?

Have you heard of a messaging session? We find them invaluable. But what exactly are they? Here’s a guide to our Three Lens Messaging Sessions – why we hold them, what they involve and what they deliver.

4. Top tips for recording yourself on video

As a PR agency, we’re finding more and more journalists and publications are requesting video footage of our clients as video becomes a huge influence on consumer decisions. But recording ourselves on video can be daunting. We’re sharing 8 tips to record yourself on video with confidence.

5. Seven things every small business should know about PR

There’s rarely the perfect piece in the perfect publication at the perfect time (that would more likely look like advertising). However, if you’re able to allow them time and flexibility, PRs are likely to get you much better, more consistent coverage. Here are seven top tips for SMEs looking to get the most out of PR.

6. Five children’s writing tips relevant to your business comms

You think business audiences are tough? Try asking a seven-year-old what they really think of your work! Children’s writing is difficult. It requires an in-depth understanding of your audience, punchy prose and you can’t get away with losing your reader for even a millisecond. They’ll just give up! For this reason, learning these five writing for children tips will make your business writing more engaging and pithy than ever.

7. How a writing degree has helped me in PR

Here are some of the ways in which a creative writing degree helped me when starting off in the world of PR. You’ll probably find many transferable skills in a number of similar creative subjects. 

8. PR expectations versus reality

Thanks to movies, TV shows and books, there are a lot of misconceptions and expectations around PR and publicity and what PRs’ and publicists’ daily lives look like. In today’s blog, I wanted to break down some of the typical misconceptions surrounding what a career in PR looks like and bring things back to reality.

9. How I landed a PR internship

When I decided I wanted to pursue an internship in PR I had no idea where to start or what I needed to do. I soon realised that it was pretty much the same as everything else in life, you just need to start somewhere! Once you’ve started, the next steps slowly fall into place – this is how I landed a PR internship with Carnsight and the steps I followed to get there.

10. Our top tips on avoiding typos

Typos are those annoying typing mistakes we all make from time to time. Words that we know how to spell but somehow always get wrong! There are few things more frustrating than an ugly typo, and they can look unprofessional. We’re all human and we can’t avoid them 100% of the time, but those grammatical mistakes are a lot easier to avoid than you may think.

We’ve worked hard to put together as much information and as many resources as possible to share with you all here amongst our blogs. We hope that our content is helpful and we look forward to sharing more with you in the new year!