4 ways to grow your LinkedIn business


12th April 2022


Yasmin Alqatari

Reading time

3 minutes

LinkedIn is a social networking platform created for professionals to connect and build business relationships. Over 690 million users are part of the LinkedIn community ranging from those who are job hunting, recruiters, sales professionals and business owners. With all of this in mind, it comes as no surprise that LinkedIn is the perfect platform to use to promote your business. Here are four top tips for growing your LinkedIn business page. 

Be creative with your posts

Being as creative as possible when creating content is incredibly important. The content of your posts should be unique but also helpful. They should provide followers with value that is unique to your business. Analyse your competitor’s pages so that you can be sure to fill in any gaps they may have missed. 

Although most of the content should come from your business, feel free to switch things up and share other relevant content. You can share and tag content by other businesses, or public figures that you admire. Another important tip is to use high-quality content using eye-catching formats such as videos and photos. Remember quality over quantity.

Grow your LinkedIn page with hashtags

Hashtags are a useful tool in the LinkedIn world. Like many other social media platforms, LinkedIn users can search for a certain topic using the hashtag feature. A good tip for small businesses is to use less popular hashtags to avoid your content being lost amongst all the content from bigger players.

Encourage engagement

Engagement is important when using LinkedIn to grow your business. Invite your connections to support your page and make sure to join and interact in relevant LinkedIn groups. It is vital to put time aside to interact with comments and encourage audience engagement. Engagement should be personalised to the comment or user and avoid sounding like an automated message.  Another way to encourage engagement is to have employees tag the business page from their personal ones and to have them re-share articles from their accounts within the first hour of them going live – this also helps boost exposure. 

Be consistent but flexible

It’s important to use consistent branding that aligns with your other social media accounts when using LinkedIn to grow your business. Your consistent presence on different social media platforms helps you stand out and keeps you on peoples’ minds. Re-directing traffic from your more popular platforms can also help. For example, adding a LinkedIn icon link to the signature section of you and your employee’s business emails means clients you’ve connected with over email can be directed to your LinkedIn page. 

Be more flexible with the content you share on LinkedIn. Different content will do better on different platforms. Analyse feedback (likes, shares and comments) you receive and go from there. It’s important to tailor content based on feedback from the audience of the platform you are using.

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