What are the benefits of PR?


1st May 2022


Jessica Morgan

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4 minutes


One of the first questions we ask new clients is “why do you want to do PR?” Most often, people seek out help from a PR agency to win new clients or customers. Sometimes it’s prompted by their competitors stealing the limelight or because they feel they’ve been a best-kept secret for too long. There are, in fact, a range of benefits PR brings to a business.

Are you wondering why PR is important for your company? We wanted to share with you seven positive effects PR can have on your company. PR:

Attracts new clients or customers

PR can be a fantastic way to capture the attention of new customers. Whether you’re communicating a launch, a new offer or some of your expertise, PR is often a quick way to pack a punch in a range of titles. When your business receives press coverage, it also gains credibility. Even better, it gives you something authoritative to target new clients or customers with directly.

Aids with recruitment 

Recruiters need to keep abreast of exciting businesses and job seekers often use search before applying to a role. A benefit PR brings is helping businesses with their recruitment. By appearing as a credible and successful business (which treats its employees well) you can appeal to skilled individuals seeking employment with a respectable company.

Is a chance to refocus your messaging

A strong PR strategy can provide the perfect opportunity to clarify and refocus your business’ key messages and brand identity. We generally start with a messaging session that gets to the heart of your offering and the marketplace. A good PR consultancy can help you nail what your company stands for. It’s also a useful confirmation that you’re using the right messaging in a crowded market. Our messaging sessions can feed into all other marketing activity.

Is good for SEO 

PR and SEO should work in tandem to get your business noticed by the public. Good PRs work incredibly hard get their clients in the right media. Links are often provided in online mentions, and these are incredibly valuable and are a key benefit for businesses. Legitimate backlinks from sources with authority hold the most power across search engines.

To learn more about SEO see small business marketing consultant, Nat Sharp’s, fundamentals of SEO for small businesses.

Is good for your team

Gaining media coverage for your business can create a real sense of pride and loyalty among employees, and affirm their choice to work for you. Employees can also be actively involved in the PR process. Both junior and senior staff members can contribute ideas and written work for thought leadership pieces and commentary, helping employees to feel heard and providing them with a further creative outlet.

Means editorial coverage over advertorials

Adverts and advertorials have their place, but your objectives for advertising would probably be different to your editorial objectives. Earning coverage by being relevant and interesting can be much more powerful than paying for ad space, and that’s where a good PR consultant can come in. It’s our job to keep in touch with journalists and publications and to be aware of the kinds of impactful opportunities you could contribute to. You might not set the agenda but you can be part of an arguably more powerful conversation.

Is good for current clients or customers 

Being featured in a good publication for your expertise or your products is a seal of approval for anyone who currently works with you or buys from your company. Smart businesses feature published content on their website, social media and in newsletters to ensure their customer base has seen it.

To see tangible examples of the benefit of PR, and how PR for business is important, visit our case studies page. Learn more about how we’ve helped different businesses to grow and develop and the advantages of public relations.

And if you’d like to speak to us about how we can help your business, Jessica Morgan is on jess@carnsight.com.