Copywriting vs Content Writing


3rd May 2022


Leigh-Ann Hewer

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2 minutes

What’s the difference?

Though content and copywriting may sound the same, they’re actually very different skills that must be learned and honed. Just like writing short stories, poetry and novels are all incredibly different, content writing and copywriting require different approaches.

To put it simply, copywriting is any writing that’s done for marketing purposes, while content writing is focused on one or more content marketing goals.

For example, your copywriting goals may be to advertise a product and drive sales. Whereas your content writing goals may be to build your relationship with your customers and drive better SEO.

Other differences

Copywriting includes techniques such as exciting product descriptions, compelling calls to action, and promotional offers. Copywriting is usually short-form content such as ads, landing pages, tag lines and slogans.

Content writing invests time in creating content to achieve goals other than direct conversion or branding. Instead of attempting to make a sale, the goal is to positively influence the reader by adding value in some way. Content writing informs, educates or instructs your readers. Examples include things like blogs, newsletters, articles etc.

How they work together

Copywriters create a sense of urgency and inspire emotional responses. Meanwhile, content writers lay the groundwork for future sales. Content writers drive traffic and copywriters turn that traffic into sales.

Both forms of writing are incredibly valuable. They work to different goals, one in short-term and one more long-term. You should strive to include both in your marketing approach to see the true benefits quality writing offers.

At Carnsight, we’ve worked hard to develop both our copywriting and content writing skills and offer both services. We pride ourselves on our wealth of experience and knowledge – from over 20 years of industry experience, to Degrees and Masters’ Degrees in English Literature, Creative Writing and New Media