Work experience with Carnsight


21st July 2022


Yasmin Alqatari

Reading time

3 minutes

Hello, I’m Martha and I’ve been doing my work experience here at Carnsight Communications for the past week. It’s been an experience I’ll never forget. 

When I first got my placement here, I was unsure of the type of work this job would entail. I didn’t fully know what I was getting myself in for. On my first day, I was slightly nervous but mainly intrigued to see what a job in PR would hold. 

I firstly had a meeting where I met the team. They were all lovely and very welcoming to me. Then, I spoke to Leigh-Ann and wrote a press release. Before coming here, I had barely heard about press releases let alone written one.  As the day progressed, I felt that I was beginning to further learn about what working within a PR agency. Throughout my week here, I have felt as though I have developed my skills and I now feel more interested in working in PR. I previously felt unsure as what a job in this industry would hold however, I know feel more knowledgeable and more confident if in the future I wanted to gain a role in the PR world. 

During my time, I enjoyed writing the press release the most because it was actually going to be used as a real press release! I enjoyed this the most because it truly felt as though I was working for the company. It also was good to understand why they were used and how important they are in this line of work. It at first was a bit confusing but once I had seen an example of how to write one, I felt that it was easier than expected. 

Over the course of this week, I have learnt so much about this career path and also how in PR not every day is the same and you learn new things every day – which slightly surprised me. I have also learnt that my creativity and formal writing ability are better than I had previously thought. 

After this work experience week, I would like to get good grades in my GCSE’s. I am only in year 10 currently. I would also like to go to college and do the International Baccalaureate (IB). After college, I would like to go to university and maybe study a language. However, I am not sure what to do after that. But, from this work experience, I am now considering a career in PR due to what I have learnt during this time. 

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