Two minutes with: Martha Cross


26th July 2022


Yasmin Alqatari

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2 minutes

In our ‘two minutes with’ blog posts, you can get to know the members of the Carnsight Communications PR team even better. In today’s post, we’re getting to know Martha Cross, although not a member of our PR team, Martha joined the Carnsight team for a week of work experience.

Name: Martha Cross

Job title:  Work experience

Joined Carnsight: 18th July 2022

Why PR?: I’m intrigued by this industry and I quite enjoy helping others

Preferred social media channel? TikTok 

How do you have your coffee in the morning?: I don’t like coffee 

Dream job as a child?: doctor – when I was younger

Sum yourself up in three words: determined, happy, sporty

What’s your star sign/ Meyers Briggs type?: Sagittarius, ISFJ (and Enneagram type nine– my friend made me do a few personality tests.)

Where did you grow up? Where were you born?: I was born and raised in St Agnes in Cornwall

Favourite book to date?: Dear Evan Hansen by Val Emmich

Favourite movie?:  Avengers: endgame

Favourite dog breed:  miniature Dashaund 

Do you have any pets?: Yes, 2 cats – Snooki and Sweep- and a dog – Jilly

Favourite word?: flamboyant – it’s quite fun to say

Least favourite word?:  slop 

Ideal music playlist: 5 seconds of summer, Conan Gray, Seventeen

Dream holiday destination: New Zealand

Any role models?:  Barack Obama, 

Something about you we would never be able to guess: I’m a brown belt in karate

Name 3 things that make you happy: YouTube, friends and pizza

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