PR: Why this is the career for me!


23rd August 2022


Georgia Christley

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PR is a fast-paced yet rewarding career. We’ve all heard the saying that ‘life is too short’ right? So why waste your time in a career that doesn’t make you happy?

Being happy at work and loving what you do is an overall productivity booster. It’s a known fact that when you love what you do and feel happy at work – you tend to see a boost in your productivity and it enhances your staff’s performance. People who enjoy their job will more likely be motivated and produce a higher quality of work! Carnsight Communications recognises the need to ensure a healthy working/life balance.

A team helping each other climb to the top if a mountain

PR: Why Carnsight?

For those of you who know the team at Carnsight Communications – it’s quite likely you will know that we all enjoy our roles. Carnsight Communications is a great company to work for with a flexible approach to a work/life balance. 

Did you know, according to a 2021 survey, that more than a fifth of UK employees (21%) like their job or employer less than they did pre-pandemic? And nearly half of those employees (42%) also said that their job had become boring, repetitive, or dull. While a further quarter of these people believe their job had lost all meaning!

PR can definitely not be labelled as boring – that’s just one of the reasons why people like me, love our work so much! 

Why is working in PR so rewarding?

Here are some of the key factors that play a part in keeping us all happy at work at Carnsight Communications;

In PR, we work on a variety of topics and sectors

Firstly, we work on a variety of topics and sectors – each day is never the same! We are able to work on many different campaigns from product launches to crisis management. The role brings so much variety and is fast-paced which doesn’t allow for boredom! 

The joys of a Coverage Buzz 

Coverage Buzz – there is nothing more rewarding than getting coverage for our clients – the buzz never gets old! If you’ve ever experienced the excitement of securing coverage, then you will know exactly how exciting this is. The buzz is always heightened when sharing with supportive team members or clients and they share the coverage too. 

There is always something to learn in PR

The ever-changing nature of the industry means we as PR professionals have to stay on top of trends and must continually evolve with the times to stay ahead of the game –  keeping us busy and our minds active! What’s not to love about learning and self-development? 

The Dream Team

We learn from the inspiring team around us – each member of Carnsight Communications brings their own expertise and skillset to the company. We are all able to learn from each other and work together as a team to create the best solutions for each project.

Proactive and empowering

Having worked in PR for a couple of years now, I can positively say that PR is not for everyone. A career in PR is fast-paced and there is always work to be done. You must be proactive and find solutions to problems rather than hoping that things may blow over or pass.  This can be empowering. 

PR involves so much variety on a day to day basis

There is always a number of projects to work on . This includes managing clients’ teams and ensuring you balance your time across them all can be challenging. PR professionals usually keep many plates spinning at once and that certainly keeps us on our toes!

Woman spinning lots of plates

If you are one of those people who said you now find your job dull or boring, why not have a think about starting a role within PR? Take a look at some skills needed for a career in PR and media here.

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