Being open-minded is what will get you results in PR


22nd November 2022


Leigh-Ann Hewer

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4 minutes

Pretty much every client we work with comes into PR with an idea in their head of what kinds of opportunities they are looking for when it comes to promoting themselves and their business. This is great! It’s a solid foundation to work on, but today I want to talk about how being open to PR opportunities you may not have previously considered will benefit you much more in the long run.

It’s worth clarifying that I’m not suggesting you say yes to anything and everything. Good PR is targeted, of course, but we’ve seen time and time again that clients who are open to trying things out and embracing slightly more unusual opportunities get better results overall.

Some clients can be reluctant to go for opportunities with smaller or more niche publications. Some sit on the other end of the spectrum and push back on opportunities that are a bit more generalised. The truth is, both have their place and depending on the circumstance can be wonderful opportunities to get your name out there.

We’ll always have a conversation with our clients around why we’ve suggested a particular publication or press opportunity. And of course, clients are welcome to feed back on which best suit them. Over time, this will help us understand what kinds of opportunities to send through and which we know won’t quite hit the mark. However, we always encourage clients to keep an open mind.

The reality is that those small, general opportunities that might feel a little more nebulous can actually be a stepping stone to the more specific wider spread content platforms, as well as great content in and of themselves!

Lewis Reeves, CEO and Founder of Walr, was recently featured on a running podcast. Now, this might not seem immediately relevant but Lewis is a keen runner and on the podcast was able to talk about the parallels between leadership and running, how he supports his employees at Walr and his business ambitions for the future. If Lewis had turned down the opportunity based on the fact it wasn’t explicitly linked to the market research sector (the sector in which Walr operates) he would have missed out on all of the fantastic feedback he’s received since his podcast interview aired.

Lewis Reeves, Founder and CEO at Walr

The great thing about opportunities like these is that they give us a chance to tap into something our clients are really interested in, another facet of their life (running in Lewis’ case). And that’s where people get really passionate and great things start to happen! For example, Kate Smith of The Makery has shared her love of dogs through PR, and Emma Jefferys, Action Woman, has been able to talk about the charity work she does.

We’ve had clients who have been everywhere – from very small-reach industry publications to the BBC – sometimes within 24 hours of each other! And we’re able to achieve success with them because they are open and welcoming to all kinds of opportunities. They have fun with whatever is presented to them and they’ve been able to reap the benefits because of that, including great reach, meaningful connections and plenty of interesting content.

PR opportunities you might not have considered or expected can lead to fantastic benefits you might not have considered or expected. For this reason, to get the most from your PR it’s worth being willing to try things out and allow yourself to explore what works and what doesn’t. You can use your PR agency as a guide, and should always feel free to ask them why it is they think a particular opportunity could benefit you. Embrace a challenge and be open to trying something new. If you do this, you’d be surprised how much you will enjoy it and your PR presence can really soar!