Top Carnsight Blogs of 2022


20th December 2022


Leigh-Ann Hewer

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As we wrap up 2022 and get ready to close up shop for Christmas break we thought we’d share some of our top Carnsight blogs of the year. These are the five most-read blogs on our website as of right now in 2022:

The most useful sayings in the world of PR

The first blog is Jess’s recent write-up of her favourite useful sayings in PR. Jess loves a good saying and you’d be surprised how many we use on a regular basis to explain common PR concepts to our clients. From ‘Forewarned is forearmed’ to ‘It’s PR, not ER’, Jess breaks down some of the PR principles and sayings that are truly evergreen.

Top tips for recording yourself on video

Our top tips for recording yourself on video blog has been a front-runner for the past few years now. With video content becoming increasingly popular across all platforms and TikTok being the shining star of the moment, it’s important to get your video content right. Though the formality of the platform should definitely be taken into account, this blog is a good guide to getting good-quality video content.

How to prepare for journalist interviews

Another reoccurring front-runner here on the Carnsight website, our how to prepare for journalist interview blog is everything you need to know to ensure you nail your next press interview. When it comes to journalist interviews, it’s all about the prep and so be sure to take a look at this one before your next chat with the press.

Why is it important to build your profile?

Even if you feel you’re an expert, it’s much harder to convince a journalist to feature your commentary or news if they’ve never heard of you and can’t find much about you online which is exactly why Jess shares why and how to build your profile in this top blog. Having a profile is about momentum and consistency. If you’re looking for some tips on building your profile then check out this blog.

In Conversation With: Tessa Clements, Founder of Tessa Clements Photography

Our readers loved our interview with Tessa Clements, Founder of Tessa Clements Photography and we were so happy to shine a light on her photography experience and wisdom. 

Thank you for reading our blogs this year. We hope you found them helpful, informative and interesting. We now have over 150 blogs on our site and we definitely plan to keep growing that collection in 2023.