People Case Studies – the Dos and Don’ts


10th January 2023


Leigh-Ann Hewer

Reading time

3 minutes

Why is it always a good idea to have a person as a case study waiting in the wings on a PR campaign? Because journalists love them and will usually feature your story if there is strong personal evidence to support it.

Reading reviews has become part of the buyer’s journey, and that’s what a people case study essentially is – the ultimate customer review that can make or break your PR campaign. People case studies are an independent voice that can add weight to your creative content and provide that human element in an article.

They are telling the world that your client’s product or service is credible, trustworthy and authentic. They are unique to your campaign.

So, you are ready to go, and you have got your case study all lined up to speak to the press and tell their story. But here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure it leads to a best seller and not ending up in someone’s bad books.

Do use a current case study. Media aren’t interested in speaking to someone who had their experience with your client pre-pandemic. Make sure they are relevant for today’s reader, usually within the last 6 months.

Don’t assume that your case study knows how to talk to the press. Give them a media briefing that anything they say may appear in print – even those little comments they thought might be “off the record.”

Do incentivise your case study. They are likely to grab the media’s attention and support you in achieving your KPI’s, so a gift voucher to their favourite retailer is a good investment.

Don’t forget images! So many case studies are cast aside because of a weak image. Make sure it’s good quality, requested size and shows the case study in a positive light if this is not possible – factor in a photoshoot pronto!

Don’t pitch far and wide thinking it’s a one-size-fits-all. Get to know your case study and find out which titles they want to be featured in and which ones they don’t. Are they age/gender appropriate for certain publications, and will they identify with the target audience? Investing in this research now will avoid unnecessary disappointment later.

Do use your case study for other channels. Feature them in newsletters, across social media platforms and on your website. There’s no better PR than a happy customer!