How to Avoid Cliched Quotes in Press Releases


25th April 2023


Leigh-Ann Hewer

Reading time

3 minutes

Press releases are a valuable tool for communicating important information about your business to the public. However, all too often, press releases are filled with generic, cliched quotes that fail to capture the attention of readers (are you really “delighted” about this piece of news?) If you want your press release to stand out, it’s important to avoid these common cliches and instead aim to provide quotes that are interesting, informative, and add value to the story you’re telling.

Here are three top tips for avoiding cliche quotes in your business press releases:

Use verbatim

One of the most common mistakes people make when crafting quotes for press releases is trying to put words in someone’s mouth. Instead of trying to shape a quote to fit the existing narrative, listen to what your spokesperson or subject actually says and use their exact words in your release. This will make your quote feel more authentic and less forced.

Store and collect soundbites

Another way to avoid cliched quotes is to keep your ears open for interesting things people say in other contexts and be sure to note them down. This could be a quote from a book, a movie, or even a conversation you overheard in a coffee shop. By incorporating elements of these unique quotes into your press release, you can add a fresh perspective and make your release more memorable. Remember, it’s not about copying, it’s about taking inspiration and learning from others. When you see or hear a quote you like, ask yourself what you like about and how you can implement that in your own quotes.

Think about adding value

Finally, it’s important to think about how your quote can add value to the story you’re telling. Instead of just repeating information that’s already in the release, try to provide insight or a unique perspective that will make the quote more interesting to readers. Your quote is where you can be a bit more salesy and show your enthusiasm (within reason). You can (and should) reinforce your key messages in your quote. Your quote is where you can shine. This could be an anecdote or a new piece of data for example.

By following these tips, you can create quotes that are interesting, informative, and help your press release stand out from the crowd. Remember, the goal of a press release is to communicate important information to your audience, and cliched quotes will only detract from that goal. So take the time to craft quotes that are authentic, original, and add value to your story.