How to create a Social Media strategy that is authentic to your business


24th October 2023


Yasmin Alqatari

Reading time

3 minutes

The desire to be socially accepted is growing along with our loss of authenticity. Creating content around trending topics and awareness days is common practice for businesses using social media. This can be used as a great tool for voicing your opinion on a certain topic or raising awareness on an issue that your organisation finds important. However, jumping on every bandwagon under the sun can have a negative effect on how your business is viewed. Here is why.

A lack of originality on Social Media

A lot of businesses seem to have the following mindset: “everyone is talking about ___. I am going to talk about ___ too,” drafting up a generic post that we have all read many times before. The problem with this is that it puts a block on both creativity and authenticity. While these are important topics, there are only so many times one will stop scrolling to read something we have read many times before.

Many businesses over-incorporate awareness days into their social strategy which overtime results in damaging the human connections that we create through sharing real stories and true experiences. Instead, choose a few awareness days that are relevant to your industry or important to your team and run with them.

We’ve all heard of greenwashing, rainbowwashing and wokewashing…

In an article by 2030 builders, Woke Washing is defined as:

“The act of using social justice themes in marketing campaigns to create a positive image for a company without taking any meaningful action. This practice has become increasingly popular as companies try to capitalize on the growing trends of purpose-driven consumerism.”


It’s easy for businesses to claim they are socially and environmentally conscious while continuing to do very little, if anything, to genuinely support these claims. Showing support through social media is nice. However there needs to be evidence that this support extends into the real world. An example of how this can be done is through updating or discussing company policies or sharing the credible contributions your business makes to address actual social or environmental issues. Remember, unethical marketing is never cool. Be honest. If you know your business needs to level up, post about how you plan on doing so instead.

Forgetting your actual passion.

Focusing too hard on being socially accepted may push you into forgetting what your business is all about. And being authentic on social media is just that! Be yourself and show off talents and personality that are unique to your brand. Set your business apart from others. Create content that is original, be creative, stick to what you know well and don’t forget to have fun.

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