LinkedIn analytics: a mini guide for small businesses 


2nd April 2024


Laura Witte

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When you think of social media analytics, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably Facebook or Instagram, however, LinkedIn deserves a spot on your list. 

According to Sprout Social LinkedIn has over 1 billion members spread across 200 countries, and has the highest user rate in the US, with an audience reach of over 214 million users.  

LinkedIn is a platform for professional networking that comes with powerful analytics tools. These tools help you gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your posts and social media strategy. Let’s explore together how you can check your analytics on LinkedIn.   

Set clear objectives for your small business 

To effectively track analytics on LinkedIn, it’s important to set clear goals for your PR and social media strategies. This involves identifying specific and measurable objectives such as boosting brand awareness, driving website traffic or generating leads. These objectives will help guide your analytics efforts and enable you to achieve the most effective results. 

Identify key metrics for your small business 

LinkedIn provides valuable analytics tools, however, not all metrics are relevant for every business. Focus on tracking relevant metrics that align with your objectives. Key metrics may include:   

  • Profile views 
  • Post engagement 
  • Follower growth 
  • Click through rate

How can I use LinkedIn analytics?  

Step 1: Log in. Go to the company page and go to your admin view.  

Step 2. Click on Analytics on the left side of your screen.

Screenshot of LinkedIn Analytics

Step 3. Once the analytics tab is open, you can see detailed insights organised into content, visitors, followers, leads, competitors and employee advocacy.  




It’s important to regularly review your social media analytics on LinkedIn to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement. These insights can help you refine your strategy, optimise your content, and continuously improve your social media marketing efforts.



Tracking social media analytics on LinkedIn is not just about numbers; it’s about understanding your audience, refining your strategy, and driving tangible business outcomes. By setting clear objectives, leveraging analytics tools, and adopting a data-driven approach, small business owners can unlock the full potential of LinkedIn as a powerful marketing platform. Embrace analytics as a guiding compass on your journey to social media success, and watch your business thrive in the digital realm. 


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