Spring cleaning 101: resetting your workspace


16th April 2024


Alexandra Johansen

Reading time

3 minutes


The idea of Spring Cleaning finds its roots in logic. It’s a season of transition, and of reawakening – thawing out after a long and perhaps hard winter. The weather is improving, the air feels fresher, and the momentum of change can inspire us to act. Today, we’re hopping into the second post of this spring cleaning series and the second step to setting yourself up for success this season: resetting your workspace.

  • Dedicate some time and set a date: send yourself a calendar invite and tick the reminder button. We like to joke that if it’s not in our Outlook calendar, it’s going to happen, but in all seriousness committing to a specific time can help realise this goal. Give yourself a few hours and schedule it on a day when you know you will hopefully not be too busy. If a few hours feels impossible, break it down into stages or group small sections of tasks and stagger your reset in over a few smaller sessions in your schedule.
  • Write it down: checklists and to-do lists are often everybody’s best friend for good reason. Ground your workspace reset in a tangible list of tasks. Ticking them will help you feel accomplished and give that placebo effect of a serotonin boost when you achieve another item. It also gives the activity more of a defined structure and can break down the overall task which may seem overwhelming. If you don’t know where to start your list, check Google, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, or come back to this blog for some inspiration.
  • Organise and declutter your inbox: we’ll save you the explanation and send you over to the previous spring cleaning 101.
  • Do some actual cleaning: obviously, spring cleaning is about more than literally cleaning, but it’s still an important aspect. Even if your office space hires professional cleaners who kindly take care of this regularly, your workspace probably hasn’t had a thorough deep clean since last spring. You don’t need to scrub every nook and cranny with a toothbrush, but the job won’t feel 100% complete unless you actually wipe away the dust. Wipe over your mouse and computer screens, dust the back of it, shake out your keyboard, and give your desk chair an antibacterial spray or dust. Whatever you think qualifies.