Anneka Batty: Work Experience at Carnsight


25th June 2024


Leigh-Ann Hewer

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3 minutes

Hello, I’m Anneka and I have spent my last week doing work experience at Carnsight with the wonderful team learning lots of new and exciting information about the world of PR and social media.

On my first day I was quite nervous as I have never worked in an environment like this, but I was really excited to see what this lovely team do and how they help companies build their brands.

The Senior Account Manager, Leigh-Ann, talked to me and the new intern Ellen all about PR and what it’s about and why it’s important. She then gave us a presentation about all of their clients, who they are and how the Carnsight team helps them. She also introduced me to which members of the team do what and what their job entails, from writing press-releases to managing social media posts: it became quickly apparent that no day here is the same as another.

I first had some time to do research on some of their clients and learn about what their business message is. I then moved on to my two minutes with interview (which you can find here) and thoroughly enjoyed answering the range of questions from ‘Why PR?’ to ‘least favourite word?’. I then started learning about how the team does social media posts for their clients and for their own fabulous accounts! After getting the run down and scrolling through their Instagram I was ready to create a graphic introducing myself to be posted on their Instagram. I then learnt about their marvellous e-book ‘Practically Powerful PR’ and got to work on making some social media posts promoting the book whilst also giving tips on different aspects of PR. Other tasks I completed during my week included press-releases, blogs and social media posts for clients and Carnsight.

Throughout my week at Carnsight I have loved completing all the tasks given to me by the great team! I have enjoyed getting to know the people in the office and feel inspired by their work ethic and how what started as just Jess has become a team of women who work collaboratively and efficiently together to deliver outstanding PR to all of their clients.

I have learnt so much about this career and what it entails through my work experience and feel as though I know now more about the kind of career I’m looking for, probably under the marketing branch. For the time being I am aiming high to achieve good grades in my GCSE’s and then move on to sixth form and hopefully study subjects that will link to this line of work. I will always treasure my week here with this lovely team learning so much about the world of PR.