Three ways social media analytics can help your business

Social media analytics allows you to improve your business strategy and optimise engagement via the collection of data. This data will help you and your team better understand your audience, learn what is working for you and what isn’t, and allow you to set benchmarks to compare against the future performance of your brand. 

Advertising and PR: What’s the difference?

This article first appeared on Enterprise Nation, April 2021. “But isn’t PR just advertising?” We’ve been asked this question quite a bit over the years, and we can understand why. Advertising and PR share a number of common goals and work excellently together, but they are different disciplines that can produce different outcomes, and often,

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What a career in marketing taught me about good PR

It’s almost five years since Carnsight Communications opened its doors, over ten years since I switched to PR and almost twenty years since I started in marketing. It’s a time for reflections, so here’s one of mine. Looking back, working in marketing was a fantastic grounding for great PR. It continues to be as the

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