PR Internship: My key takeaways


14th April 2020


Leigh-Ann Hewer

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Pen with pad

Since starting my PR internship almost 7 months ago now, I’ve learned so much. Being given an inside look into the industry has been an invaluable experience. I’m so excited to be staying on with Carnsight for a little longer as a PR Account Executive.  

I’ve been lucky to get a great balance of challenge and understanding during my internship. I’ve been given ample opportunity to ask questions, explore, and examine existing work.   

Joining Carnsight Communications completely new to the world of a PR agency, I thought it would be interesting to share some of the things I’ve found interesting. Things I’ve learnt about the industry, and some of the key takeaways from my internship experience. 

You become a temporary expert on a lot of niche topics

Something I enjoy massively about PR is how varied each day is. I’ve found that I will be writing or researching something completely different every day. I’ve learnt that as someone who works in PR, Google is your best friend. You spent a lot of time teaching yourself about very specific topics and focus areas relevant to the client.  

PR is pretty go, go, go

Another aspect of the industry that I found extremely refreshing is how fast-paced it is. Deadlines are crucial and when it comes to communicating with journalists and making sure content is relevant to media trends. I’ve enjoyed seeing such quick turn arounds, and though maybe sometimes the pressure can seem a little daunting, it’s a very rewarding experience to see your hard work come into fruition.   

Company culture and values are a big deal

Company culture and values are a big deal. Leading on from my former point, at Carnsight Communications, not only is there a fantastic office atmosphere and a strong focus on moral and social values, but we work with a lot of businesses that put a huge focus on employee wellbeing. This helps massively with that pressure and fast-paced nature of the work. It feels good to promote and work both with and for businesses with values that align with my own. It has shown me what’s important to me personally in terms of my work life and career choices.   

It’s all about forming good relationships

This was the reason I was interested in PR to begin with. While it was something I anticipated, working at Carnsight has shown me how much of a vital part of the role it is. Between building relationships with clients and publications as whole entities, to forming good business relationships with individuals and journalists within the media, forming good working relationships seems to be at the heart of the industry. I’ve had the pleasure of being warmly welcomed by both clients and journalists alike, and have enjoyed communicating with several people and getting to know them on a working level.  

You’ve got to get to the point

Despite completing a degree in Creative Writing, I’ve always had a bit of a weakness for rambling. Working in PR has taught me how to keep things short, sweet and engaging. In PR you’re working with time-poor journalists and very busy individuals who don’t have time to wade through huge amounts of information. I’m learning a lot about getting vital information across clearly and succinctly.  

I can’t wait to continue learning through my role at Carnsight. These key takeaways have opened my eyes to what’s possible in the industry and I am excited to see what a career in PR has to offer.  To find out a little more about me, check out our ‘2 Minutes With Leigh-Ann’ post.