Our Productivity Tips


23rd July 2020


Leigh-Ann Hewer

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As you can imagine, things can get very busy here at the Carnsight office so productivity is paramount. We love working with our fantastic clients and we always have a lot to do to ensure we provide excellent results.

Over the years we’ve each developed our own working routines and habits to work efficiently and well. Productivity is not only important for business, but also for our own personal mental health. Feeling organised and in control at work is important for a positive outlook.

Here are some of our top tips for staying productive at work, even on some of the more difficult days.


Here at Carnsight we all swear by our daily and weekly to-do lists. They are vital – they keep us focused and on track as well as making sure no task, no matter how small, slips through the cracks.

Lists are a great way to remain organised. We have a list for everything and they are a huge help.

Regular breaks

While getting the work done and giving 100% is important, we need regular short breaks to remain focused and on the ball. Make sure not to overwork yourself and take a decent lunch break. When you love what you do as much as we do, it can be easy to lose track of time and forget to take a breather, but a bit of fresh air is really important in rejuvenating and refreshing you.

Plenty of water

Hydration is important for so many reasons, most of which you’ve probably already heard, but in case you’ve forgotten here is why you must drink plenty of water:

  • Dehydration has a big influence on our mood
  • It can lead to fatigue and considerably reduce our alertness
  • Research shows that hydration status affects cognitive functions
  • Water helps maximise our physical performance and energises us

Background music

This is more of a personal preference but at Carnsight we often like to listen to some quiet music while we work. It keeps our energy and spirits high and often provides a backdrop for focus. When working from home, Leigh-Ann also sometimes listens to podcasts or audiobooks while carrying out admin tasks. This will help you keep yourself stimulated and brighten your mood while you work.

Review regularly

Make sure you’re making time to review your work regularly. What systems and tactics are working for you and what aren’t? Are you getting everything done that you need to in good time? If not then you need to reassess your strategies and find a productivity system that works better for you. Make sure you ask yourself why you’re not completing work and what the root cause may be? It might even be a case of needing more water to keep you going.

Learn to properly prioritise

Not everything can be a priority and it’s increasingly important due to the pressure of today’s hustle culture to remember that. There will be tasks that are more important to finish first whether that be because of a tight deadline, a big client or opportunity, or simply because the task will take longer to complete than others. It can be tempting to pick through all of the small and easy-to-do tasks and celebrate those wins. Going for small wins is great, but be careful not to fool your brain into thinking you’re being productive when you’re actually procrastinating on something of higher importance.

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