Why we love PR


6th August 2020


Leigh-Ann Hewer

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At Carnsight we can all honestly say we adore our jobs. While no-one springs out of bed every single Monday morning, I think here at Carnsight we get pretty close. We work with some fantastic clients, get to meet wonderful and interesting people and express ourselves creatively through our work.

Today we wanted to put some job positivity out into the world and share why both Carnsight founder Jessica, and I (Account Exec, Leigh-Ann) love PR.


Although there’s a special place in my heart for advertising, which is where my career started, I find PR much more fulfilling.

I remember telling a boss at a temping job many years ago that I wanted to work “in media”. He’d then tease me about appearing on the 10 o’clock news each time I brought him a cup of coffee. Well, I might not have made news anchor, but I’ve certainly provided stories that they’ve covered. And when my father-in-law tells me he saw a piece I helped with in The Times, that’s just as good!

Equally as brilliant is working with a small business to get a key story featured in a niche publication. Also working to get the local radio station to record an important charity initiative one of our clients is doing. One piece ended up with a brilliant little girl getting a letter from the Prime Minister. That’s rewarding.

As with Leigh-Ann, writing has always been something I’ve loved. From penning poems about my hamster as a little girl (‘bright little beady eyes’!) to creating short stories, to blogging as a new mum. And now finding ways to express what our clients are keen to say is something I love.

I was featured in PR Moment talking about what PR was and wasn’t. It’s not at all fluffy, or smoke and mirrors, or champagne lunches (I wish it was!) It’s now more about getting under the skin of a business, promoting its uniqueness and, ultimately, helping its bottom line.


I started working in PR as an intern and I’ve loved every second of the journey so far. I love PR because it’s interesting, creative and sociable. It allows me to meet interesting and intelligent people and form great connections with clients and journalists alike.

Writing and communication is a real passion of mine. In a lot of ways, those things feel like the heart of PR. I enjoy getting new writing challenges every day and finding unique and interesting ways to communicate ideas.

PR has given me an opportunity to get paid to shout about businesses I greatly admire who are doing wonderful and impressive things. I especially love working for an agency that represents a lot of small businesses who are really pushing innovative ideas that are making a big difference in their prospective industries.

I know I love PR, because my partner has many a time told me I talk about work far too much at home. He doesn’t understand at all when I get excited by a great piece of copy I read, or marketing campaign or ad!

To get to know more about both Jess and I and what we do as PRs you can check out my two minutes with Leigh-Ann Hewer post, and/or follow Jess who’s frequently active on Twitter as CornwallJess.

We’re both extremely passionate about what we do at Carnsight and if you’d like to hear how we can help you and your business with PR, make sure to drop us a line at jess@carnsight.com