2021 Carnsight Year in Review (The fun stuff!)


7th December 2021


Leigh-Ann Hewer

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Today I wanted to share a bit of a Carnsight 2021 review. I won’t be including PR highlights in this one though; this one will be about the team here at Carnsight and what we’ve been up to behind the scenes. Keep your eyes peeled for a Carnsight PR highlights post here on the blog and on socials, however, as that will definitely be coming soon. Until then, let’s talk 2021 at Carnsight (the fun stuff!)


Though Megan left us earlier this year to finish her degree, we had such a great time working with her this year. Megan was our intern and she was a gem! She helped us out loads and did so well dealing with the fact we were all working from home.

We didn’t get to meet Megan in person for a long while into her time with us thanks to lockdown, but when we finally did, we had a delicious lunch at Lucknam Park and it was such a fab time.

The Business Leader Awards

This was our first year attending the Business Leader Awards and what a lovely and glamorous night it was. We were invited as guests and we enjoyed a really special evening eating and drinking and laughing. We were so glad to be celebrating with some fantastic businesses and Tom Allen was a fantastic host.

Back in the office

We were so glad to be able to come back into the office and be together this year. We’re all about flexible working here and we still spend some of the time working from home, but after a long lockdown, it was really great to be able to get together and work together in the office. There’s always such a lovely atmosphere with music and coverage buzz celebrations. Definitely, something to be grateful for about 2021.

Our charity challenges

Perhaps one of the best things about this year, our five charity challenges to celebrate five years of Carnsight were an absolute joy to take part in. We supported the British Heart Foundation, Age UK, Target Ovarian Cancer, Family Action and FMAUK.

We were honoured to build so many fantastic relationships with these wonderful charities and it meant so much to us to be able to work with charities that mean so much to us personally. We’ve written a blog for each and every one of our charity challenges as well as a round-up so be sure to check those out.

Reels and Instagram Challenges

We’ve had so much fun making reels and hosting an Instagram challenge this year. It was a chance for us to engage with our amazing followers and the wonderful small business community on social media. We’ve met some fantastic people and of course, kept in touch with the wonderful small business owners who have been dear friends for a long time. The small business community is truly wonderful and we are so incredibly grateful to be part of such a supportive and hard-working community.

Leigh-Ann got promoted

Perhaps mainly a highlight for me (Leigh-Ann!), I was so grateful to be promoted to Account Manager this year. I love my job far more than it’s normal to and it was such a lovely thing to have my efforts recognised. Jess has been the best mentor and Georgia the most wonderful cheerleader. Thank you, team!


Clifford a highlight every year! His adorable face and wagging tail keeps us going on the tougher days and he keeps us in check with his puppy dog eyes!

There have been so many highlights in 2021 (far too many to address in a single post) but these are some of the best bits. We hope you’ve had a fantastic year and that 2022 brings you wonderful things. We really are so thankful to have such fantastic clients and supporters. Thank you and have a very merry Christmas.