Social Media: Making something out of nothing


29th November 2022


Yasmin Alqatari

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3 minutes

Although managing different businesses’ social media channels can be fun and exciting, it does come with some challenges. We work with a lot of niche businesses that have very specific views within their industry, so it’s important to be able to express this on their behalf. But what happens when clients are going through a busy period, and don’t have the time to provide you with fresh content, talk through ideas or give explanations on more technical topics? It can get quite stressful when you know very little about the industry yourself. In today’s blog, I’m going to share three ways those in social media management roles can create something out of nothing. 

Recycle older blog posts 

Checking the business’s older blog posts is a great way to generate content. It’s important to make sure the blogs aren’t too old, and that what’s written is still relevant to current times. You know for certain that the information in the blogs is accurate so it’s never too hard to put a new spin on things or change the viewpoint to turn older content into a fresh post. 

Link to services on the website

We all know that the whole point of a business using social media is to promote business. So, hop onto their webpage and choose a product or service to promote. You can then write up a simple summary of the product/service along with a link to more information. It’s important to only do this when content is at a low, as these sorts of posts lack creativity and can sometimes come across as lazy. We also find that engagement drops with more generic posts that include links to a website.

Highlight a team member

If the business has a ‘meet the team’ page on its website, make sure to use it to your advantage. Not only are these posts quick and easy to generate, but your followers will also appreciate seeing the people behind the business. Be creative with captions by including fun facts amongst professional text such as experience and background knowledge. Remember that social media is social and at the end of the day you’re writing for fellow human beings.

And there you have it. Three amazing tips on how you can create something out of nothing! I hope this helps when you run out of content to share for your clients. 

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