Two minutes with: Laura Witte


12th March 2024


Alexandra Johansen

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2 minutes with

In our ‘two minutes with’ blog posts, you can get to know the members of the Carnsight Communications PR and Social Media team even better. Today, we’re introducing our newest team member, Laura Witte.

Laura brings extensive experience in social media, content creation and all things websites to the Carnsight team. She has a passion for photography and digital marketing, with a keen eye for trends. Relocating from Germany in 2019, Laura builds on Carnsight’s global perspective. Laura has a bachelor’s degree in equine science and business management with distinction and made a career change to digital marketing after working as a Equine Midwife for 17 years. Outside of work, she spends time with her two Border Collies and enjoys Pilates, adventures in nature, and a good book.

Name: Laura Witte

Job title: Social Media Manager

Joined Carnsight: March 2024

Why Social Media? The opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients in a huge range of industries always means the work is always engaging. I enjoy reading, researching, and staying up-to-date, as well as learning new things. I love to meet new people and listen to their stories. I always try to understand their problems and I like to solve problems. I feel that all of this comes into a role in social media.

Preferred social media channel? Probably Instagram but lately I’m spending more time on LinkedIn.

How do you have your coffee in the morning? Always a flat white.

Dream job as a child? Equine Vet.

Sum yourself up in three words: kind, empathetic and strong-minded.

What’s your star sign: Cancer.

What’s your Meyers Briggs type? Advocate (INFJ-A).

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Bruchhausen-Vilsen in Germany.

Favourite book to date? Normal People and Confessions of a forty-something F**k Up.

Favourite movie? Kill Bill.

Favourite dog breed? Border Collie.

Do you have any pets? Yes, two collies.

Favourite word? Hygge.

Least favourite word? Monday.

Ideal music playlist? Chilled out Sunday morning.

Dream holiday destination? India or Thailand.

Any role models? My Dad.

Something about you we would never be able to guess? My middle name.

Name 3 things that make you happy: Travelling, my dogs and sunshine.


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