Two Minutes With: Ellen Petit


18th June 2024


Leigh-Ann Hewer

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3 minutes

In our ‘two minutes with’ blog posts, you can get to know the members of the Carnsight Communications PR and Social Media team even better. Today, we’re introducing our newest team member, Ellen Petit.

Ellen will be with us for two months over the summer, learning all things PR and Social Media.


Name: Ellen Petit 

Job title: Summer Intern 

Joined Carnsight: 3rd June 2024  

Why PR: I find this sector super interesting! It’s a constantly evolving landscape and you’re always given opportunities to learn something new. There is endless connection with other people from all different walks of life, and there are so many stories to be shared!  

Preferred social media channel? Instagram (but TikTok has always been a guilty pleasure) 

How do you have your coffee in the morning? I love a mocha – the more sugar the better! 

Dream job as a child? I’ve always wanted to be a TV host, in true Graham Norton style.  

Sum yourself up in three words: chatty, curious, caring 

What’s your star sign? Gemini  

Where did you grow up? I was born in Worcester and raised in the West Midlands, before coming to university in Bristol.  

Favourite book to date? I can never pick a favourite! One I’ve loved recently is Revenge by Yoko Ogawa – it’s a short story collection, but all the stories are interlinked with a gothic twist.  

Favourite movie? Forever and always: Kung Fu Panda  

Favourite dog breed? Bernese mountain dogs – so fluffy! 

Do you have any pets? I am a mum to the cutest cat! She’s called Juno but goes by Lady J when she’s feeling fancy.  

Favourite word? Crackle. It has the perfect crunch.  

Least favourite word? Moist  

Ideal music playlist: Depends on the day! Little Simz, SZA and Rihanna are always most shuffled. 

Dream Holiday Destination: Anywhere in Southern France 

Any role models? My dad. He’s a funny guy! 

Something about you we would never be able to guess: I love to DJ – currently I mix drum and bass but I’d like to get into UK Garage! 

Name 3 things that make you happy: My housemates, any pub quiz, a nice takeaway. 


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