Why your PR comments are never wasted at Carnsight

We’ve said before that PR isn’t something that can run in the background without involvement or input from you or your team. So, if we work with you, we will be asking for your input – sometimes it’s comments for a quick-turnaround for a press deadline; sometimes for longer-form interviews or thought pieces. Occasionally these comments don’t get featured in the final piece, for a range of reasons. But they’re never wasted at Carnsight. Read on for more information about how we maximise anything you contribute through our client commentary compilations.

Bristol Creative Industries Membership

Carnsight founder Jess has been a Bristol Creative Industries member (BCI member) since 2016 when she founded Carnsight Communications. Recently, she spoke with BCI’s Dan Martin about her business journey, the importance of flexible working, how BCI has benefitted the business, and her tips for getting your story in the press.  How did you start Carnsight Communications? “Around

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How do you write a press release? A simple template

What is a press release?  First things first, a press release is a clear, written summary of a piece of your news, aimed at journalists. It should give the reader all of the key information they need to write a story. A press release is usually accompanied by good images (more about why images matter

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What are the benefits of PR?

One of the first questions we ask new clients is “why do you want to do PR?” Most often, people seek out help from a PR agency to win new clients or customers. Sometimes it’s prompted by their competitors stealing the limelight or because they feel they’ve been a best-kept secret for too long. There

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Finding your tribe when you start a business 

I was lucky that starting a business in PR meant I could work from my kitchen table, quite literally. Back in January 2016 I had a laptop, a phone, contacts and experience, and I didn’t need much else besides that at the start. Working on my own to build a PR consultancy around two small

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Why good photography is important in PR

A good photograph can make or break a media story. Don’t just take a PR agency’s word for it. I was chatting to a consumer journalist recently – an ex-glossy editor-in-chief – who mentioned that one of her case studies had just been chosen over two others purely because of the good images. Strong photography

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