Can clients and agencies ever really work as “partners”?  

This question came out of a really interesting podcast with Tom Lewis – Agency ownership models are everything. It’s primarily about the advertising agency model and how Tom sees it in a state of decline. My career started in adland before I moved into PR, and when I worked with Tom he was CFO and I was in client services. Ad agencies are set up slightly differently to PR agencies or consultancies, but there are similarities. We’re both service businesses and the relationships we have with clients are much the same. And one question arose (amongst many interesting areas) – can agencies ever truly work in “partnership” with a client?

How to keep sales messages out of your press releases

Let’s be clear – a press release is about something you’re trying to get coverage for, and this may well be a product or service you also want to generate sales for. However, it’s the job of the release to inform and engage, setting everything out in a way that makes it easy (and desirable)

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The best PR tips for small businesses

Recently our founder, Jess Morgan, delivered an insightful keynote presentation with the Small Business Network at the Digital Mansion, Corsham. Her talk outlined how small businesses can use PR effectively without blowing big budgets or using up a huge amount of valuable resources.  Small business is Jess’s heartland and a passion she has carried with

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The most useful sayings in the world of PR

I love a saying. I find myself trotting them out time and again – probably more so the older I get. I can almost see the eye rolls from here! The thing is, the news agenda might constantly change (minute by minute, at the moment) but certain PR principles remain the same. Here are the

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Why your PR comments are never wasted at Carnsight

We’ve said before that PR isn’t something that can run in the background without involvement or input from you or your team. So, if we work with you, we will be asking for your input – sometimes it’s comments for a quick-turnaround for a press deadline; sometimes for longer-form interviews or thought pieces. Occasionally these comments don’t get featured in the final piece, for a range of reasons. But they’re never wasted at Carnsight. Read on for more information about how we maximise anything you contribute through our client commentary compilations.