When PR is all about driving sales – and how to do it properly


9th January 2024


Jessica Morgan

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3 minutes

Someone selling over internet

You’ll often hear me saying there’s more to PR than sales – and there is – much, much more. But sometimes, our job is all about the selling – be it getting more bums on seats, helping products into shopping carts or peddling services. We could be involved in a sales push for consumer or business-to-business brands. So, here’s where PR can really help you when it comes to selling your wares:

Food and drink brands

A good example of this is our work for The Coconut Tree. We help to encourage customers to visit one of their nine sites across the UK through strong, authentic campaigns. Restaurants need to stand out in a very crowded market, so we use techniques such as crafting interesting, eye-catching news and events. These are always true to the restaurant and its audience and also unique to them – like their Power Out nights where they go candlelit for charity. We work alongside the brand and marketing team to hone angles. You can also use techniques like reviews, promoting gift vouchers and being involved in seasonal round-ups (Valentine’s Day, Easter, Kids Eat Free and so on).

Service brands

We do a lot of work with agencies in the marketing and advertising industry. It’s our job to find out what’s distinctive about these companies and use that to promote them, to help them in winning new clients. It could be something they’re offering that no one else is, for example, or something they approach differently to competitors. We help amplify new business and award wins, and powerful campaigns. We profile key team members and showcase their expertise, aiming to capture the attention of potential clients. And we know this kind of selling works. Some of the most rewarding feedback we’ve received was a big brand saying one of the things that influenced them to chose our client above others was their PR coverage.

Business product sales

We helped Katie Redfern to promote her new business book – Working Meaningfully – Your fast-track guide to a career that lights you up. The was the culmination of many of years of Katie working as a recruitment consultant, professional coach and CV writer. She was keen to reach as many potential readers as possible and generate pre-sales and sales. She was very pleased with the results and kept us abreast of book sales. These came in from many parts of the world following her 18 pieces of coverages, including excerpts and interviews. You can read more about this project on our case studies page.

Consumer product sales

boppi, the British-based independent toy brand, and part of Click Europe, is a brand we’ve worked alongside for two Christmas pushes. The festive season is a key time of year for toy sales, so we focus on getting products on gift lists for national and regional publications and relevant bloggers. Links are important to drive sales. We also work on profiling so the brand and its story can be seen in a range of places. These ideally have links back to the website each time. In December this including the brand’s products appearing on This Morning on TV and online. A spike in sales followed.

So that’s a quick look at how you can focus in on selling through your PR efforts and generate results.