Can clients and agencies ever really work as “partners”?  

This question came out of a really interesting podcast with Tom Lewis – Agency ownership models are everything. It’s primarily about the advertising agency model and how Tom sees it in a state of decline. My career started in adland before I moved into PR, and when I worked with Tom he was CFO and I was in client services. Ad agencies are set up slightly differently to PR agencies or consultancies, but there are similarities. We’re both service businesses and the relationships we have with clients are much the same. And one question arose (amongst many interesting areas) – can agencies ever truly work in “partnership” with a client?

Why you need to repeat yourself in PR

“I feel like we’re saying the same thing over and over.” This is something we hear a lot from our clients. And it’s a valid concern. No one wants to be banging on about the same thing forever. That being said, you’d be surprised how important repetition is when it comes to PR. PR is

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What does a social media executive role involve?

Are you curious about what a social media executive role involves? In today’s world, most of the population have some sort of social media presence. Social Media is a great way to stay connected with friends across the globe, as well as stay up to date with both local and global news.  It’s no surprise

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Should your business start a newsletter?

If you’re wondering if it’s time for your business to start a newsletter, this post is for you. You might be thinking ‘I’m nailing it with my social media channels and have been consistently putting out quality content in blog posts, so why would I need a newsletter as well?’ There are countless benefits that

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The Dos and Don’ts of Good Headshots

If you’ve read our post on why good photography is key in PR then you know a good photograph can make or break a media story. This is particularly true when it comes to headshots. When you think of a corporate headshot you may think of white background, suit and tie, and cheesy pose, but in

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Copywriting vs Content Writing

What’s the difference? Though content and copywriting may sound the same, they’re actually very different skills that must be learned and honed. Just like writing short stories, poetry and novels are all incredibly different, content writing and copywriting require different approaches. To put it simply, copywriting is any writing that’s done for marketing purposes, while

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