Personal branding and why it’s important

You have probably heard of branding in relation to business branding. But what is personal branding and is it really necessary? Personal branding is all about you. It’s how you present yourself to the outside world and how the outside world perceives you. Your personal branding should showcase your skills and experience as well as

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Crafting the perfect pitch

In a recent blog post, we shared our top tips on what you should avoid when pitching to journalists. There we talked about the common errors PR professionals or companies can make when pitching to a journalist, and gave some advice on what to avoid to ensure your news is featured by the target publication. Today

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Three ways social media analytics can help your business

Social media analytics allows you to improve your business strategy and optimise engagement via the collection of data. This data will help you and your team better understand your audience, learn what is working for you and what isn’t, and allow you to set benchmarks to compare against the future performance of your brand. 

A fast-track guide to writing a good business biography 

A biography (or bio) is a great way to give potential clients, customers, or employers a quick snapshot of who you are. It’s a chance to show off your experience in the industry and share whatever it is that makes you different. In PR, biographies are essentially used for pitching purposes but can be edited

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How to use Instagram stories to improve engagement

The story feature on Instagram first launched in 2016 and allows your followers to view a more personal side of who you are as a business. This means less advertisement-based and more story-lined to encourage conversation. This engagement, whether it be likes, shares, or comments, works to boost the algorithm which then prompts Instagram into

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4 tips ways to grow your LinkedIn business

relationships. Over 690 million users are part of the LinkedIn community ranging from those who are job hunting, recruiters, sales professionals and business owners. With all of this in mind, it comes as no surprise that LinkedIn is the perfect platform to use to promote your business. Here are four top tips for growing your LinkedIn business page.