Handling negative social media comments

Having a social media presence as a brand means that at some point, we’re more than likely going to receive negative comments or criticism of some sort on our online channels. It could be a simple misunderstanding that has gone public or an unhappy customer leaving a negative review but it’s important to respond and

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Social Media: Making something out of nothing

Although managing different businesses’ social media channels can be fun and exciting, it does come with some challenges. We work with a lot of niche businesses that have very specific views within their industry, so it’s important to be able to express this on their behalf. But what happens when clients are going through a

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Why you should stop counting ‘likes’

As we’ve covered in previous posts, there is no doubt that having a social media presence is important for your business. However, if your business strategy involves counting the number of likes you’re getting on your posts, now is the time to stop. There is no relation between likes and profits made by a business.

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Personal branding and why it’s important

You have probably heard of branding in relation to business branding. But what is personal branding and is it really necessary? Personal branding is all about you. It’s how you present yourself to the outside world and how the outside world perceives you. Your personal branding should showcase your skills and experience as well as

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Three ways social media analytics can help your business

Social media analytics allows you to improve your business strategy and optimise engagement via the collection of data. This data will help you and your team better understand your audience, learn what is working for you and what isn’t, and allow you to set benchmarks to compare against the future performance of your brand.