Communicating your business lockdown story

During the pandemic, many small businesses have had to completely change direction in order to simply survive. Small business marketing consultant, Nat Sharp has been inspired by small businesses communicating their experiences in a personable and honest way. She’s seen a demonstration of how the right message delivered in an appropriate environment can create strong

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International Women’s Day: The small business edition
International Women's Day for Small Businesses

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How a Creative Writing Degree has Helped Me in PR

Back when I did my degree at 18, I didn’t really know what PR was. I had heard it around but didn’t really understand what the job entailed or required. Because of this, it never occurred to me to do a Public Relations degree. Lucky enough for me, there are many degrees and qualifications that

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Communication during the coronavirus

The Coronavirus has meant that we are operating in unprecedented times and communication has become more important than ever. Business owners are being forced to adapt their messages, but it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of attempting effective communication at this time. Carnsight Communications founder, Jessica Morgan, was featured in a fantastic

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BBC news Coronavirus

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