Being open-minded is what will get you results in PR

Pretty much every client we work with comes into PR with an idea in their head of what kinds of opportunities they are looking for when it comes to promoting themselves and their business. This is great! It’s a solid foundation to work on, but today I want to talk about how being open to

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PR only works when you let your guard down

Welcoming an external team into your business can be challenging. As a PR agency, we understand that we have to earn our client’s trust and we’d like to think we’re pretty good at doing that, with a number of retained and returning clients acting as proof of this. Therefore, we put a lot of time

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Why you should stop counting ‘likes’

As we’ve covered in previous posts, there is no doubt that having a social media presence is important for your business. However, if your business strategy involves counting the number of likes you’re getting on your posts, now is the time to stop. There is no relation between likes and profits made by a business.

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Should your business start a newsletter?

If you’re wondering if it’s time for your business to start a newsletter, this post is for you. You might be thinking ‘I’m nailing it with my social media channels and have been consistently putting out quality content in blog posts, so why would I need a newsletter as well?’ There are countless benefits that

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PR: Why this is the career for me!

PR is a fast-paced yet rewarding career. We’ve all heard the saying that ‘life is too short’ right? So why waste your time in a career that doesn’t make you happy? Being happy at work and loving what you do is an overall productivity booster. It’s a known fact that when you love what you

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Why it’s important to have a strong website set up before doing PR

Having a good website set up is essential before deciding to PR for several reasons. When potential clients or customers hear about your brand, whether from a friend, another business, your social media pages or the press/advertising, you can guarantee that the first thing they’ll do is head over to your website.